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7 ways to Instantly Feel Divine
when you're wrung out, dissatisfied or uninspired

Dear Beautiful Goddess, 
     Your Divine Feminine Force can be accessed in many ways..Please enjoy Exploring your many options here .
In Sublime Service to the Goddess within you,



She is you
...who you are right now,
at this moment only...Go ahead, ask the Questions.. 
Answer them yourself as The Goddess... She who defines and speaks the word.
You are the Creatrix..
She who creates.
She who Surrounds herself with her creations, thoughts, objects that please her, Consorts, companions that; challenge, amuse, bring pleasure..
YOu The Goddess, that delights in the do-ing, and the be-ing.
Share yourself in the Goddess Circle Group,
or privately with me as your Personal Priestess..

Share Your longing, your Goddess-Gifts and Superpowers.

Be supported, heard, and cherished.
Experience yourself 
being the Goddess.

This is
The Goddess Experience.
Breathe now.. into who you are
and who you are becoming..

work with me, privately or in a group.


The need for beauty, inspiration, peace, energy, insight, strength, wisdom,  love and compassion...
all of these things are universal.

Divine Play
Bellydance Experience

 in October
ia a powerful doorway in
Long Island Kula Yoga Center
Bellport Village, NY
more info here

Reiki Classes
Mastership by Appointment
more info here

Spend the day Healing and Wholing
and get the plan to move foward with grace and ease
more info here

click and listen to
the interview here

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